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Printable Forms


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Here is where you can download and print forms to get started on the enrollment process. If you are unable to print out these forms please contact us to schedule a day for you to pick them up at our church. 

Please mail all forms to:

P.O. Box 26, Hotchkiss, CO 81419

If you are unable to download and print forms from this website, you may also obtain forms by contacting Pastor Jake at:

or call Pastor Jake at:

 (970) 201-1391

Thank you for considering NFCA. 

We realize that while many families in our valley may desire to send their students to a private Christian school, many cannot afford this choice. We pray that this does not becomes the case with the NFCA.  If the cost of our school scares you, simply ask us about the Grace Hopkins Scholarship. We want your family to be able to afford a Christian school. 

New Student Application
Student Enrollment Form 
School Records Request Form
NFCA 2021/2022 Calendar
Grace Hopkins Scholarship Application
Academy Handbook
Grace Hopkins Anchor
New Student App Anchor
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Records Request Anchor
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