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We're happy to provide information about NFCA

Frequently Asked Questions

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What grades are accepted by NFCA?

NFCA holds to an open enrollment policy for 1st-8th grades and a closed enrollment policy for 9th-12th grades. Essentially, this means that any student from our community may apply for enrollment in 1st-8th grades, while only students who attend First Baptist Church of Hotchkiss (FBCH) or whose parents attend FBCH may apply for enrollment in 9th-12th grades. 

Student Handbook


How old must my child be in order to enroll in 1st grade?

Students who apply for enrollment in 1st grade must be six years of age before October 15th of the school year. This policy applies to any student applying for enrollment in 1st-6th grades at NFCA. For example, a student who would like to enter 2nd grade must be seven before October 15th of the school year.  


Does my student need to be able to read in order to succeed in 1st grade?

No. Abeka’s curriculum will completely reteach phonics and reading to students in 1st grade. However, parents who would like to prepare their students for 1st grade might consider Abeka’s at-home kindergartner program. This is not a requirement to apply for enrollment in 1st grade at NFCA. 

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What will the Academy's school day look like?

NFCA will operate Tuesday – Friday, from 8 AM to 3:25 PM. Our class schedule will differ from day to day. However, NFCA anticipates class ending around 3 PM each day. The final half hour will allow time for one-on-one tutoring, homework, and cleanup. Also, NFCA plans to have chapel and PE activities with students once a week. Of course, recess will take place multiple times a day for our younger grades.


Will NFCA allow students to participate in sports offered by the Public School District?

In short, yes. NFCA recognizes that some areas, like sports, are beyond its scope and reach. Therefore, NFCA will gladly allow students to participate in public school sports, band, and other extracurricular activities. NFCA not only allows this interaction, but also encourages this interaction. We want our students to be well-rounded individuals.


How much time will my student spend on a screen?

As you may know, we use Abeka’s quality video academy as our main teaching resource. Of course, our qualified teachers are always present to tutor, answer questions, and help students in the learning process. For the most part, students spend about three hours of the day on a screen. The rest of the time is filled with group learning, one-on-one help, outside activities, fun projects, and, yes, lunch. 


What school calendar will the Academy follow?

NFCA’s school calendar will resemble Delta County’s school Calendar. Of course, several dates have changed, so be sure to check our our complete calendar on our student life page. 

Academy Calendar


What if I have more questions?

Then please contact us by clicking the link below:

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